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Star Cruises

The Leading Cruise Line in Asia Pacific
The most modern & exciting world-class fleet , Exciting Destinations & Wide Choice of Itineraries , Committed to Quality Service , Efficient Infrastructure , Highest Safety Standards

A Vision Fulfilled

Star Cruises was incorporated in September 1993, representing a bold initiative to tap Asia-Pacific's potential as an international cruise destination.

Today, Star Cruises epitomises the fulfillment of regional aspirations to establish the cruise industry in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing increased tourism traffic into the countries around Asia-Pacific. Asian holiday-makers now see cruising as an exciting and value-for-money vacation. Simultaneously, it also started the influx of travellers from North America, Europe and Australia, who joined Star Cruises holidays for a glimpse of the various sights and sounds of Asia-Pacific.

Within 6 years since its inception, Star Cruises has become the world's joint-third largest cruise company. Star Cruises has won coveted awards that include:
  • Best Cruise Operator - World Travel Awards 1996 by World Travel Market
  • Best Cruise Operator - World Travel Awards 1997 by World Travel Market
  • Best Cruise Operator - Award for Excellence 1997 by Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) Western Australia Chapter
  • Best Cruise Operator - Award for Excellence 1999 by Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) Western Australia Chapter
  • Best Cruise Operator in Asia-Pacific - PATA Travel Mart, April 1997
  • Best Cruise Operator in Asia-Pacific - PATA Travel Mart, April 1998#Best Cruise Operator in Asia-Pacific - PATA Travel Mart, April 1999
  • Best Cruise Operator in Asia-Pacific - PATA Travel Mart, April 2000
  • Most Improved Port Facilities: Star Cruises Terminal, Port Klang 1998 - Dream World Cruise Destinations 1998
  • Best Cruise Company - Meetings & Conventions Gold Services Awards 1998 by Venture Asia Publishing, Publisher of Travel Asia
  • New Player of the Year, SuperStar Leo - Travel Asia's Breakthrough Awards, April 1999
  • Outstanding Cruise Sundeck - Superstar Leo - ShipPax Award, May 1999
  • Outstanding Cruise Saloons - Superstar Leo - ShipPax Award, May 1999
  • Outstanding Cruise Cabins - Superstar Leo - ShipPax Award, May 1999
  • International Safety Management (ISM) Certification - 1998
  • High ratings for Star Cruises vessels - Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruises and Cruise Ships, and Fielding's Guide to Worldwide Cruises
  • Best Cruise Award - Meetings & Conventions Asia/Pacific Gold Awards, October 1999 by Venture Asia Publishing, Publisher of Travel Asia
  • Best Cruise Product Overall - Tabs On Travel Industry, New Zealand, 1999
  • Salute to Youth and Training, 2000 Award - by Lloyd's List and the International Maritime Industry Third Annual.
  • First shipping company ever to be accredited by Panama Maritime Authority to conduct STCW-95 without involvement by external training institute
The Fleet

Following the acquisition of NCL Holdings this year, Star Cruises "The Leading Cruise Line in Asia-Pacific" has a fleet of 20 ships and over 21,000 lower berths. By 2004, with the five ships currently on order, Star Cruises with NCL will have 25 vessels with about 35,000 lower berths.

Star Cruises currently has a fleet of 12 cruise vessels operating in the Asia-Pacific areas. They are Star Aquarius and Star Pisces, the Superstar Aries, Superstar Capricorn, Superstar Gemini, Superstar Leo and Superstar Virgo, and the MegaStar Aries and MegaStar Taurus, MegaStar Sagittarius and MegaStar Capricorn. Star Cruises has also chartered the Superstar Taurus, which will commence cruises between Japan, Korea and China in March 2000.

While the third and fourth newbuildings (Libra Class - Superstar Libra and Superstar Scorpio, of 91,000 tonnes each) are scheduled for delivery in Year 2001 and 2002 respectively, plans are underway for the fifth and sixth (Sagittarius Class) megaships of 112,000 tonnes each.

The NCL group operates a fleet of eight ships under two brands: Norweigian Cruise Line, with six ships, offers mainstream cruises in the Carribean, Alaska, Europe, Bermuda, and the Exotics. Orient Line, with two ships, offers destination-oriented cruises in Europe in the summer months and worldwide, as far as Antarctica, in the fall-through-spring. Both NCL and Orient Lines market primarily in North America but also extensively in the UK, Europe, South America, and Asia.

The Star Series

Both the Star Aquarius and Star Pisces have over 700 passenger cabins, reaching 12-deck high. Accessible by internal lifts, the 40,000 tonne ships can accommodate 1,900 and 2,192 passengers respectively. Star Aquarius was launched in December 1993, and the Star Pisces was launched 5 months later, in May 1994.

The Mega Star Series

The MegaStar ships are ideal for private charters, such as hosting a wedding dinner, a company conference cum vacation or as one's personal yacht for a few days. Passenger comfort is a top priority and when it comes to service, the friendly and smiling crew really knows how to pamper our guests in style. Guests will find opulence in every detail on board.

The MegaStar Aries and MegaStar Taurus were previously known as Aurora II and Aurora I respectively, and constructed in 1991 at Flender Werft, Germany. After being purchased by Star Cruises, the 3,264 tonne ships were further renovated with the latest safety features and launched in December 1994 and January 1995 respectively.

The two MegaStar ships measure 85 metres in length and have a passenger capacity of 72 passengers and 80 crew member. Billed by the "Berlitz Complete Cruise Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships" as two of the finest cruise ships (under 5,000 tonnes), they are designed to appeal to the niche market with their rich luxurious decor. Each cabin in the MegaStar ships are surprisingly large, offering superb sea views through its large windows. The ships have an added advantage of optional destinations as their size permits them to anchor very near off-shore islands around the region.

The MegaStar Sagittarius and MegaStar Capricorn which were previously known as Sun Viva I and Sun Viva II respectively, entered service in 1991 and was built by RCA Nuovi Cantieri Apuania spa Italy. At 4,200 gross tonnes, 6 decks high, 90.6m long and 17m wide, these identical ships have a passenger capacity of 135 each.

The Superstar Series

The Superstar-series ships comprise Superstar Gemini, Superstar Leo, Superstar Virgo, Superstar Aries and Superstar Taurus.

Superstar Gemini was built in 1992 at the Spanish shipyard Union Naval de Lanvante in Valencia for more than US$100 million. Launched in July 1995, the 20,000 tonne ship has a capacity of 900 passengers and 470 crew.

Superstar Gemini offers multiple destinations from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson, Penang island, Langkawi island and Malacca in Malaysia, as well as Phuket island in Thailand. She is designed to appeal to the fly-cruise markets of Australia, Europe, the United States and Canada, who wish to see the exotic Asian destinations. Her itineraries will also delight the experienced Asian cruisers, who prefer a longer cruise vacation.

Superstar Leo is "The Largest and First World-Class Megaship in Asia-Pacific". At 76,800 gross tonnes and with a capacity for 2,000 passengers (lower berths), she is the largest ship in Asia-Pacific. She has set new standards in the cruise industry and offer more exciting experiences for the cruise travellers in Asia-Pacific.

Superstar Virgo is the twin sister ship of Superstar Leo. Delivered in August 1999, she measures 76,800 gross tonnes with a similar passenger capacity. Her extensive facilities and features make her a favourite for cruisers who prefer activity-filled cruise vacations. Superstar Virgo is currently offering Straits of Malacca and South China Sea cruises.

Superstar Aries joined the Star Cruises fleet in October 1999 after a multi-million dollar refit and refurbishment. Superstar Aries (formerly the MS Europa) was rated by the '1997 Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships' as "the best cruise ship in the world". She measures 38,000 gross tons and has a capacity for 600 passengers.

Superstar Taurus, "The Most Exciting and Affordable Cruise Ship in Japan" was chartered for a period of three years in 1999. Formerly the MS Leeward, she offers exciting short and long cruises from Japan, Korea and China. The arrival of Superstar Taurus completes Star Cruises' geographical coverage from Kobe in the north to Singapore in the South.

A World Class Brand

In just 6 years from its inception, Star Cruises has achieved global recognition. Today, it is the leading cruise line in Asia-Pacific and has quickly become one of the 3 largest cruise lines in the world. It has captured 70% of the cruise market in Asia-Pacific, carrying over 1 million passengers over the first 5 years.

As testimony to Star Cruises' commitment to world-class quality products and standards, the Superstar Leo won 3 out of a possible 8 international ShipPax awards for Outstanding facilities- cabins, saloons and decks.

Star Cruises has played the leading role in shaping the cruise industry in Asia-Pacific by offering new and luxurious megaships and exciting itineraries. The company also made important investments in marketing, operations, information technology, reservations systems, safety and infrastructure.

Star Cruises made it to the Top 50 Asian Brands in 1999 and is the second leading brand that has the "Greatest Upward Movement Potential". It achieved the top brand name in the leisure category for "Top 50 Asian Brands League". (source: Top Asian Brands, Asian Brand News, March 1999)

New and enhanced products and services provided by Star Cruises have set new standards of cruising in Asia-Pacific. The new megaships, Superstar Leo and Superstar Virgo now represent the best and most exciting vacation experience option to both the Asian holiday maker and experienced cruiser from America, Europe and Australia.

Fly cruise programmes will be intensified to capture the medium to long haul markets, and provide wider marketing opportunities. Currently, Star Cruises is developing its fly cruise hubs located in Port Klang (Malaysia), Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket (Thailand), Hong Kong and Taipei, and from later this spring also Kobe/Osaka, Japan. Star Cruises' award-wining product is noted for its excellent service standards and the highest crew-to-passenger ratio of any major cruise line, reflecting the high standards of the hospitality industry in Asia-Pacific.

Star Cruises has offices in Asia (China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth); Europe (Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom), and the United States of America. With a number of branches in some countries such as China, India and Australia, Star Cruises is represented in 25 locations worldwide.

Safety & Training

The safety, health and well-being of cruise passengers are Star Cruises' top priorities. Star Cruises is one of the first cruise lines to be certified for the ISM (International Safety Management) Code in 1998 as directed by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation). Star Cruises has a young and modern fleet equipped with the latest in navigational control and fire systems and has implemented extensive safety features such as "Hi-Fog" sprinklers even in the engine rooms which are not required by IMO (International Maritime Organisation) regulation till 2005.

In training her officers, Star Cruises has built its own ship training simulator located within the Port Klang Terminal complex, completed in 1998. The Star Cruises Ship Simulator Centre (SCSS) is the only one of its kind in the world owned by a shipping company. The operation of the Centre is a joint-business agreement between Star Cruises and the renowned Danish Maritime Institute.

Star Cruises also created history by becoming the first shipping company ever to be accredited by the Panama Maritime Authority to carry out the STCW-95 (Seafarer's Training, Certification and Watchkeeping Code) without involvement by other external training institute. The STCW-95 training programmes are conducted on board Star Cruises' vessels and is fully endorsed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and used to train captains, officers and crew.

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